Monday, 28 September 2009


They are back in the country and Richard will be at the CFZ later today. I spoke to him this morning and was shocked to hear how the information that was leaked on Friday managed to percolate across the internet. The information had been told in confidence to a friend of Adam's who was not supposed to release it. It was certainly not supposed to have been published in the way that it was, which because those in certain quarters were engaged in a selfish Gadarene rush to pip us to the post as far as releasing the news is concerned, could have had very nasty consequences for the boys in Sumatra.

This, I hope, also answers the many online detractors who have sneered at the fact that no pictures were released with the sketchy story. That is because the story was never meant for publication, and the expedition were not even back in the country at the time. I hope that we shall be able to release pictures later today.

It is at times like this that I despair for the future of the cryptozoological community....

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