Tuesday, 29 September 2009


A few days ago some ill informed guttersnipe complained that there had been no pictures released from the Sumatra expedition. This is because they were still in the jungle at the time. However, beginning today, we shall be releasing pictures and/or video each day as we process them. This is the first trenche.

Adam and Chris crammed into a ridiculously over-crowded minibus
from Bangko to Kerinci. The rest of the team are there also, but you
cannot see them for the mass of people.

Richard with a kubu hunter who had witnessed OP about
three years previously. He motioned that it had been about four feet tall,
black and walked upright like a man. Its face was like that
of a macacque. He was adamant that it was not a monkey, a gibbon, or a sun bear.

Sahar Didmus - the guide on three of, and five of Adam's expeditions

The Sumatran rainforest - home of the orang-pendek

A half eaten coconut that the expedition found by the side
of the trail in Gunung Tuju. Teeth marks are clearly visible.
Could it have been nibbled upon by orang-pendek?

More tomorrow....

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  1. Good to see some pictures at last.I look forward to seeing more as they are released.
    Isn't Sahar the guy who is credited with being a Were-tiger by other villages near to his own?