Tuesday, 8 September 2009


We thought that it was about time that we had a quick look at the four members of the Sumatra 2009 team. The pictures, by the way, are from last year's expedition to Russia.

Richard Freeman
Richard is a full-time cryptozoologist and the Zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. He has taken expeditions all across the globe in search of monsters and mysterious beasts. He has hunted giant snakes in Indo-China and South America, relic hominids in Russia, mystery apes in Indonesia, dragons in West Africa, giant eels in Scotland and death worms in the Gobi Desert.

Dr Chris Clark
Chris has taken part in and partially funded many of the CFZ’s expeditions. An avid explorer, he has also travelled widely in some of the most inhospitable places on earth such as Afghanistan. He is a trained astrophysicist and currently works as an engineer for Halliburton. He is fascinated with Islamic architecture.

Adam Davis
Adam works as an interviewer for the Home Office. He has explored the planet on the track of unknown animals for a number of years. His adventures have included ape-men in Mongolia, lake monsters in Scandinavia, possible living dinosaurs in the Congo and wildmen in China. He has appeared on the History Channel in the U.S.

Dave Archer
Dave keeps exotic pets in a number that could constitute a small zoo. He is a member of the CFZ and took part in his first cryptozoological expedition last year when he hunted the almasty, a relic hominid in Russia. He has taken his own expeditions to Turkey to study the native reptiles.

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